Individual Therapy

“You can’t stay in your corner of the forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes.”
(Winnie the Pooh)

When might individual therapy help?

There are moments in life when you feel stuck and just can’t seem to make the necessary changes you want. Or when you’re struggling to make sense of who you are and what you want from your life. Whatever you situation, however intense you experience is, you might be feeling miserable, alone, sad and even powerless to change. Very often it can help to seek a professional who can objectively listen to your stort, mirror you, help you become more aware of the patterns and behaviors that block you and help you gain a new of different perspective on you situation.

“De sessies met Andrea hebben mij vernieuwende inzichten over mijzelf gegeven. Hierdoor kon ik na een heftige periode een nieuw begin maken. Mijn zelfbewustzijn is op een positieve manier versterkt. Het effect hiervan is dat ik bewustere keuzes leer maken en mijzelf meer ruimte kan geven. Het bijzondere aan de sessies met Andrea is dat zij precies hetgeen dat op dát moment nodig is eruit weet te filteren. Daarmee eindigt bijna elke sessie voor mij met een gevoel van meer rust, ruimte en balans in mijzelf”. (Sarah)

I offer support in the following areas:

  • Feeling stuck, procrastinating, you just can’t get into action;
  • Difficulty in making choices, in knowing what you really want;
  • Experiences of self-doubt that prevent you from living more fully or following your dreams;
  • Lack of connection -contact and/or depth in you relationship with others;
  • Feeling down in the dumps, depressed;
  • You would like to learn to connect more with you feelings and emotions;
  • Burnout in work or personal life;
  • Lack of sex and/or intimacy;
  • Dealing with conflicts; learning to disagree and still stay connected;
  • Recurring physical complaints;
  • Repeating patterns and behaviors that you can’t ‘get rid of’.

What’s involved?

We start with an intake. The purpose of the intake is to get to know each other a bit better, to explore your reason for therapy and to get a first impression of each other. At the end of the intake we decide if we want to work together and whether Gestalt Therapy is a suitable approach for you situation. The intake lasts 60 minutes.

“Andrea has been my lighthouse through the uncertain and very turbulent moments of change. What I like about working with Andrea is that there is always a theme and long term goal in our sessions. Andrea helped me to become more self-aware, for example in the way she mirrors me during the sessions. Through her mirroring, I learned to be more aware of how I feel in the moment. This critical self-awareness also helped me to work on my communication and to deal with conflicts positively, to gain more insight in how I express myself during the conversation and to make it about communication and understanding. A great skill that Andrea has is to make you feel very safe, understood and not judged and this has been vital in my journey to self-acceptance. The sessions have been a moment where I could discover and share aspects of myself with no fear and it’s amazing what that can do for you when you are learning to live authentically. I have transformed from someone with a lot of insecurities, self-hate and baggage to someone that is more assertive, self-aware and celebrating their authenticity”. (Frances)

How often?

It’s difficult to say up front how long therapy will take for you. It differs from person to person and also depends on the nature of your question or problem.
We start with 5 sessions that take place every two weeks. After that, we take time to evaluate your expectations and what next steps are needed.


€ 110,- for 60 minutes.(include V.A.T.)

Should you need to cancel a session, I request a cancellation period of 48 hours by telephone.

“I have been coming to Andrea for over a year now, and her practice has become a regular place to touch base with myself. I am learning to find meaning in the choices I take/make in everyday situations, many of which I was previously unaware of. I can now see them as an opportunity to develop myself through and across my “pain-areas”. I have discovered some of my patterns of behaving, how they have been blocking me in certain relationships and what I can do differently in gradually transforming these old patterns. I am developing ownership of my personal emotional world – the interactions with Andrea during the sessions have significantly helped me in this. I find personally having the space, time, attention and focus to experience these interactions in the moment, makes the difference between “talking the talk and walking the walk”. By deepening my relationship with myself I am more capable of both listening and communicating in a mmore fulfilling way to others around me.” (Fer)