Practice for Gestalt Therapy

Andrea McCabe

“Don’t push the river, it flows by itself”


In my practice, I provide online individual and couples therapy in both Dutch and English.
My website gives an overview of the different possibilities for therapy, my approach and how I work.
I also hope it triggers your curiosity to know more.

Individual Therapy

There are often times in life when you get stuck, run around in circles and just can’t seem to take that step forward.

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Client Experiences

“My husband and I have been working with Andrea for a few years now, and she has showed us why we clash, and where the change and responsibility within ourselves can be found. As people ever evolve, we like to keep on seeing Andrea to keep things smooth. She has been delicate in her approach yet not afraid to confront. Over time, this change we made is subtle, yet important. She is flexible and creative in getting to the core of things. Andrea sometimes shares her own vulnerability during a session, which is enlightening and created a warm connection. And lastly, as my husband and I are a dual-lingual couple, it is great that Andrea speaks both English and Dutch fluently, as in a heated debate emotions are easiest shared in your mother tongue.”

“My girlfriend was the one who suggested doing couples therapy. I wasn’t particularly reluctant but left to my own devices I would have been perfectly happy to muddle along. We picked Andrea because she is a native-English speaker and seemed friendly on her website. We signed up and hoped for the best.

It was really constructive working with Andrea. She is warm and engaging, a great listener and a born mediator. My girlfriend and I would often be at cross purposes and Andrea would gently step in and “translate” for the other party.

My relationship with my girlfriend improved greatly. We learned to communicate better and more honestly, and become aware of the various dynamics that often sabotaged us. We have since recommended Andrea to another friend of ours.”

“Simply put, working with Andrea has enabled me to move to a new stage of my life with greater personal awareness and confidence. Not an easy road, but she was there with me to provide guidance. Her patience, honesty and approach to our sessions was critical to the work, and we established a trust that enabled the progress that I achieved. It was also important for me that Andrea is a native English speaker.”

“Andrea has been my lighthouse through the uncertain and very turbulent moments of change. What I like about working with Andrea is that there is always a theme and long term goal in our sessions. Andrea has helped me to become more self-aware, for example in the way she mirrors me during the sessions. Through her mirroring, I learned to be more aware of how I feel in the moment. This critical self-awareness also helped me to work on my communication and to deal with conflicts positively, to gain more insight in how I express myself during the conversation and to make it about communication and understanding. A great skill that Andrea has is to make you feel very safe, understood and not judged and this has been vital in my journey to self-acceptance. The sessions have been a moment where I could discover and share aspects of myself with no fear and it’s amazing what that can do for you when you are learning to live authentically. I have transformed from someone with a lot of insecurities, self-hate and baggage to someone that is more assertive, self-aware and celebrating their authenticity.”

“I have been coming to Andrea for over a year now, and her practice has become a regular place to touch base with myself. I am learning to find meaning in the choices I take/make in everyday situations, many of which I was previously unaware of. I can now see them as an opportunity to develop myself through and across my “pain-areas”.
I have discovered some of my patterns of behaving, how they have been blocking me in certain relationships and what I can do differently in gradually transforming these old patterns. I am developing ownership of my personal emotional world – the interactions with Andrea during the sessions have significantly helped me in this. I find personally having the space, time, attention and focus to experience these interactions in the moment, makes the difference between “talking the talk and walking the walk”.
By deepening my relationship with myself I am more capable of both listening and communicating in a more fulfilling way to others around me.”

“Although I had some therapy experience in the past, I was not fully convinced that couples therapy could help my partner and I with our problems. I agreed anyway to start couples therapy with Andrea and already after the first session I had to change my mind. Our sessions are like concerts, where Andrea is the skilled director, the orchestra playing is my partner and I and the music is awareness, personal growth and a better understanding of each other. And this music keeps echoing in my mind in my everyday life. Andrea’s studio is now a safe spot for me where, session after session, I learn to listen and communicate with my partner in a healthier way. My partner and I have grown incredibly as individuals and as a couple.”

“Andrea  is definitely adept at her specialism as she is much more than merely a therapist. To me she is a gifted teacher facilitator and coach, who taught me how to expose and explore my strengths, move on from past negative experiences, and open up in ways I would not have believed were possible. In working with her together with my wife we have been able to vastly improve how we deal with conflict as a couple. This has brought us even closer together as we continue in the journey of our relationship. Over the time I have been working with Andrea both on a personal and professional level her lessons have been succinct in a manner that can be applied immediately and encourage self- reflection.”